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Instagram Stories: No More Clutter Please


Instagram stories used to be the easiest place to post content that would get genuine views from followers. Now, Instagram is making it a bit harder to reach your audience via stories by decreasing the clutter.

Anyone who is viewing your story via their feed will have to click "show all" to continue viewing your other stories. If they do not, it will just go to the next account's stories.

The new update doesn't change how much you can post — and you can certainly continue excessively posting — but Instagram is providing viewers a less cluttered experience.

So how does this impact your content via stories? It doesn't really. It just means that you have to make more of an effort to make your stories captivating appealing enough to get viewers to hit "show all." You can either do this by posting more engaging content or putting a call to action on your most recent Instagram story.


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